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Tag – you’re it! . . .

The heading above might seem strange, coming as it is from the premier engraved-metal tag supplier in the U.S., but it is quite appropriate. Though Newline Trophy is known for our high-quality corporate awards, crystal trophies, acrylic trophies and exceptional engraved plaques, we are also well-respected engravers, specializing in engraved metal tags and plates for customers across the country.

We handle multiple orders daily for custom-engraved metal plates created out of solid brass, aluminum or stainless steel. Our knowledge and capabilities are second to none, with the highest-quality substrates, equipment and staff in our industry. Hopefully, this article will persuade you to give us a shot at your next engraving project.


Diamond-engraved metal plates

Since 1982, when we used a pantograph engraver (see image below) to hand-set type and scaling fonts for engraved gifts, we discovered the beauty and value of industrial-diamond engraving.



Pantograph Engraver

Image of a Pantograph Engraver

The photo below shows an industrial-diamond engraving tip. Notice the sharp point, which  drags across the surface, permanently marking it. This type of engraving creates a fine line in the metal, creating a matchless look.

 Image of an Industrial Diamond Engraving TipShown below is a computerized CNC engraver creating a custom diamond-engraved metal plate. Notice the notched corners, and mounting holes, custom features with engraved plates from

 Image of a CNC Engraver

Often, we oxidize the engraving on brass in order to create black lettering, adding contrast to the text and substrate. Below, we apply the oxidizing solution.

 Oxidizing Solution on a Brass Plate by Newline Trophy

This image shows a completed diamond-engraved plate.

Image of a completed Diamond Engraved Metal Plate by Newline TrophyLaser-engraved metal plates

Often, we add logos and special icons to metal, and though we can produce logos through industrial-diamond engraving, we usually choose a laser engraver. The lasers quickly and accurately reproduce graphic images on coated metals like black aluminum or brass. Virtually any image, from photographs to company logos, as well as engraved text, can be laser-engraved on to coated metals designed specifically for that purpose.

These images show the design, and a laser engraver marking a black anodized aluminum plate.

 Art proof of an Engraved Metal Plate by Newline TrophyImage of Laser Engraver engraving a metal plate by Newline Trophy

Nothing marks metal as quickly and accurately as a high-powered laser engraver. Newline Trophy offers laser-engraved metal plates in black brass, black aluminum, blue aluminum, red aluminum, anodized black aluminum, exterior black aluminum, blue marble brass, red marble brass and green marble brass, all of which can be created using multiple-edge profiles, and mounting options as shown below.

 Engraved Metal Plate trim options by Newline TrophyThis image shows the completed laser-engraved plate being produced in the images above.  

Laser Engraved Metal Plate by Newline TrophyStainless steel engraved plates

One of our popular laser-engraved substrates is stainless steel, using 22-gauge, #304 brushed stainless steel, chosen for its corrosion resistance. These plates create a durable, long-lasting product. We use a molybdenum compound, applied to the surface  prior to laser engraving, which draws the carbon in the steel to the surface, leaving a beautiful, permanent, dark black image.

Shown below is a virtual proof, and one of our laser engravers working its magic on a stainless steel plate (note the molybdenum compound on the surface) we created, that actually is in one of the Orbital ATK satellites circling the earth. This plate was adorned with the names of the individuals who contributed to the Iridium NEXT Program.

Art Proof of Engraved Stainless Steel by Newline TrophyLaser Engraving Stainless Steel by Newline Trophy

We can finish our stainless steel plates with any of the edge profiles shown below, or provide double-sided adhesive for easy mounting.

 Stainless Steel trim options by Newline TrophyThis image is of the completed product prior to delivery and installation on the satellite.

Laser Engraved Stainless Steel by Newline TrophyThough Newline Trophy has a broad depth of knowledge for engraving metal, we also print metal plates and engrave plastic substrates. We use these processes nearly every day to engrave and decorate fine acrylic awards, crystal awards, corporate plaques, and trophies. We hope you enjoyed this post, and we look forward to an opportunity to serve you through our extensive capabilities.


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