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Trophies & Medals

Custom Trophies and Medals have been our passion for over 30 years! Our selection of Trophies & Award Medals are second to none - and our custom trophy line includes acrylic, crystal, cups, eagle, fantasy football, American hero, glass, globes, hole-in-one, sport and star trophies along with a very extensive selection of sport trophy medals. When you need a custom made trophy or medal engraved and delivered fast - shop Newline. . .

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From $111.72

American Eagle Resin Trophy

American Eagle Resin Figure With Free Engraving
From $117.68

Silver Metal Cup

Silver Metal Cup With Black Marble Base And Engraved Black Aluminum Plate Available In 3 Sizes
Gold Football Sport Ball Resin On Wood Base | Two Sizes Available With Free Engraving
Hole-in-one Trophy Figure on a Stepped Black Marble Base award | Engraving Included
GOLD | MS602 2 1/4" Die Cast Baseball Medallion | Available in Three Colors | Engraving Included
From $9.52

Bowling Bobble Trophy

Signature Series Resin Rock 'N' Bop Bowling Bobble Trophy
Signature Series Centurion Full Color Resin Spelling Bee Trophy | Engraving Included
From $9.52

Color Tek Resin Golf Trophy

Signature Series Color Tek Resin Golf Trophy | Engraving Included
Graduate Resin Figure Male With Free Engraving
Signature Series Live Action Resin Figure Female Soccer Trophy | Engraving Included
Signature Series Gold Star Resin Baseball Trophy | Engraving Included
From $12.20

Shield Female Swimming Award

Signature Series Resin Shield Female Swimming Award | Engraving Included
Gold Soccer Sport Resin On Wood Base | Two Sizes Available With Free Engraving
Crystal Trophy | Silver Accent Trophy Cup | All Crystal Awards Include Free Engraving
From $100.00

Fantasy Football Perpetual Trophy

Custom perpetual trophy with heading plate and 12 individual plates | Engraving Included